Whatever you’ve been through, wherever you are right now - only one thing is stopping you from completely changing how you act, think and feel - and what you achieve in every part of your life.

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Simon Lee

Lack of courage is the root cause of many of life’s problems…

But with courage…

  • You can make fear your friend and guide to get through the toughest of challenges.
  • You can finally free yourself from the opinions of others-and actually get comfortable with being disliked.
  • You can finally find true peace, calm and happiness.
  • You can become a beacon of courage and inspire those closest to you.
  • You can forge powerful relationships that drive your personal life & make your professional career explode to currently unimaginable levels.
  • You can become immune to the vagaries of material wealth.
  • You can make the impossible possible & live your life to its fullest potential.

Your life will be measured by your courage.


Are you going to step up to your true potential?


No matter what place you are in at the moment, physically and mentally, you can escape to higher levels of fulfilment and live a life with more purpose and meaning…


Over the last thirty years I’ve created a unique approach to building unshakeable levels of courage, through food, thought and movement — and to live a life filled with purpose and meaning.

And I’m ready to share this with you as a founding member of my new online community.

Each month you will receive exclusive direct access to my unique training, philosophies and methodologies, including…


Every month you will learn the most successful, time proven methods of uncovering a formidable mindset from history, including Stoicism, Zen Buddhism and Bushido.


Discover how they were tested in the most challenging of circumstances, why they are still growing in popularity and how anyone can uncover an unwavering mindset using these ancient philosophies.


Everything we consume has a direct effect on how we feel and think. Earth Mind is an American Indian term that emphasises staying connected with the earth through how we eat and live.


Without mastering what we consume, the mindset we require will not be accessed—every month you will learn how to eat, cook and prepare food to support and build a more robust mind.


Creating space using breathing, mindfulness through meditation and Chi Gung are essential in the process of recreating our minds towards our own potential.


The focused but fully present mind reminiscent of the great warriors of the past is cultivated through these practises, and every month we look at how you can apply them to your everyday life.


We have been left with some incredible sayings and writings through the ages - many of which signposts to a heightened way of living.


Every month I uncover more in-depth meaning and insights from the writing of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Heraclitus, Buddhism, Lao Tzu, Musashi, Krishnamurti, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many others.


One of the best aspects of being a member of Unlimited Courage is the amazing group of people you will be joining—who all share the common goal of living life to the fullest.


Simon and your fellow members all take part in answering some of the biggest challenges life can throw at you, and how to fight back with unwavering strength and unshakable courage and resilience.


Simon Lee

For more than thirty years Simon Lee has been coaching people from all walks of life on both ancient and modern ways to improve their quality of life, and to live with more meaning and purpose.

Simon is a published author and has appeared on radio and in various on and offline publications, and at seminars and conferences around the United Kingdom.

What People Are Saying About Simon's Methods

I am Head Chef in the city of London for nine restaurants and have cooked for the Royal Family and appeared on National TV. Being in my position is an incredibly stressful job. Training with Simon has taught me self-discipline and enabled me to handle the stress due to the strong philosophy of discovering the truth in who you are.
– David Jordan, age 50

My confidence has gone sky high, people I haven’t seen for a while actually think I’m a different person. This has made me find out who I am. I was very shy before and this has made me do things I would never have done previously. I can’t thank Simon enough.
– Gill Featherstone, age 40

On The Warriors Path has given me confidence and a sense of direction in my life. I used to suffer from stress but this has given me the focus to release stress and realise there is more to life than work.
– Lewis Beazley, age 32

Simon’s approach to physical and mental training has dramatically improved me and I am truly grateful for that. Since being with Simon, I am on the straight and narrow. I have been on medication since I was 12 years old, and I am now coming of off the drugs.
– Jasper Murrey, age 25

Personally it made me realise where my true calling in life is and what I should really do, which is to be true to myself. It just opened it all up for me and made me realise it. This self-development course is completely unique because it encompasses everything; the mind, body, spirit and even nutrition are all in one course.
Steve Head, age 46

I am now able to speak in from of teams at work – because finding out who I am has enabled me to speak with confidence and believe in what I am saying. It’s made me physically better off, mentally better off and the confidence aspect has been amazing.
Neil Scott, age 31



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Simon Lee
Unlimited Courage

"Simon's training has enabled me to speak with confidence and believe in what I am saying. It’s made me physically better off, mentally better off and the confidence aspect has been amazing."