The paradigm shifting and transformational book that offers an inward revolution for today’s men.

The Courage Project

This fantastic short read packs a powerful punch for any man that wishes to transform from fear to courage.

  • How we can turn round the societal decay towards cowardice towards courage.
  • How obedience leads to violence and courage leads to peace.
  • Why men are the solution to the current trend of societal corruption and selfishness.
  • Why courage is the primary ambition of man and why he never feels complete if he doesn’t aim at this.
  • Identifying and relinquishing the many lies men have been fed to suppress and neutralise them.
  • How to build a mind fortress against the war on freedom of thought.
  • How to join the new upper echelons of society through courage.
  • Why kindness & fierceness complement each other.
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About Simon & The Courage Project

For more thirty years than Simon Lee has been quietly transforming the lives of people from all walks of life.

Simon's unique guidance and coaching is bold and honest, and empowers his clients to identify and take ownership of their challenges and face them head-on.

For the last thirty years Simon has studied—and more importantly actually practiced—the art of philosophy and delivering his unique approach to healing and expanding the strength of the mind.

“I wrote The Courage Project like a short 2-3 hour seminar, that people could read in one evening but would stay in their minds afterwards, as a profound call to action and an urgency of change.” - Simon Lee