About Simon Lee & Unlimited Courage

With more than three decades experience, Simon has pioneered a new approach to delivering personal development coaching, healing and mental strength training.

A plain-talking, no-frills mentor, Simon has transformed the lives of men from all walks of life. From business owners thwarted by stress and a lack of fulfilment, to men looking for more meaning and a greater overall life of courage. 

Simon's guidance and coaching is bold and honest, ensuring his clients identify and take ownership of their challenges and face them head-on.

For the last thirty years Simon has studied—and more importantly actually practiced—the art of philosophy and delivering his unique approach to healing and expanding the strength of the mind.

Growing up in a volatile hostile family environment...

Simon's early life experiences were difficult and challenging, which resulted in chronic anxiety and recurring depression that forced him to search for a life of more meaning.

Simon's initial search led to him winning a Southern England bodybuilding title at just 20 years old.

Shortly after he won the title he realised that this wasn’t what he was looking for, and had actually made him feel worse.

"Muscles didn’t make the man."

Muscles gave Simon a false sense of courage and confidence, and this realisation helped him turn his back on a sport that had paradoxically served merely to heighten his sense of insecurity.

Having not resolved his past, he fell extremely ill with M.E. for five years. The result of a depressive and anxious state that ultimately probably saved his life.

Simon's condition was so bad, the medical doctors thought he had Leukemia, and he was told numerous times he would never be fully well again.

Following this, he found martial arts and re-immersed himself in Eastern philosophy—which included meditation, Chi Kung and ancient physical conditioning methods for the mind and body, and Simon practised intensely under the guidance of renowned, highly sought-after and knowledgable teachers.

Simon learned how to heal himself, and then started to show doctors—and deliver talks about—what he had done.

This was the embryonic stage of his unique approach on healing the mind and body through food, thought and movement that was to become such an integral part of Unlimited Courage. 

Through his own illness, he had an incredible breakthrough moment by realising that everything he thought, did, watched, believed, consumed—and the people he mixed with—were all connected.

Simon became a meditation and Chi Kung instructor, helping hundreds of people overcome a wide range of health issues that uncovered how mental health or unresolved childhood stress, manifest in a wide variety of physical conditions and disease.

Simon Lee public speaking

Simon went from having a severely debilitating illness, to someone who understood the power of making courage the primary aim of life. 

Simon went on to practice and coach seven different martial arts under National, World Champions and an Olympic medalist. Simon also delved into ultra running always looking for feedback in how stress and challenges affect the mind. 

His background has taken him from working as a nutritionist for a private medical company, to a physical conditioning expert and deepening his work as a healer incorporating the philosophies and values he had discovered.

Simon's clients have experienced phenomenal results.

He has coached individuals to overcome difficult and challenging experiences in life by re-establishing what a man wants to stand for and how grasping at success in just one area of life leads to misery and suffering. He has helped men with low self-esteem, lack of self belief, addictions (from work to all kinds of substances), boardroom and personal relationship bullying and all manner of mental health struggles. 

Times Change But Courage Never Does

After more than 30 years of working with live groups and one to one with private clients, Simon is entirely focused on reigniting the minds of men towards courage for the purpose of creating better men, better societies and a better world. This is now an urgency of change and the most powerful call of modern times. 

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