What could you do with an unwavering self belief and a formidable courage?

Life has us chasing plenty of societal beliefs— in order to find some sort of personal meaning. 

It's normally a future arrival point, where we are told once you acquire an idea of success, you will miraculously become the man you've always wanted to be. 

I chased down this route and like many others, only found the parts of me I didn't like and wanted to leave behind, the weaknesses I carried with me, not only stayed but often became more virulent due to their denial. 

As men, few of us really plan and set out to create who we really want to be, what we expect of ourselves and what we will stand for in life. 

And yet, this is the most important part of life. 

When a man doesn't create and aim at the person he knows he can be, it leads to the life of quiet desperation. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

My approach is to have courage as the primary aim of life and let life unfold from there. 

This way, the man comes before the mission and this aim at courage, is far more likely to reveal his own unique potential and capabilities, leading to the life he really wants. 

I use powerful conversations and if needed, physical movement prescriptions, nutrition and the constant aim towards the most powerful philosophies that have built the most inspiring men of the past and today. 


Please Note....

I work with an extremely limited number of personal clients at a time, so you may have to wait. But I do want to hear from you, so feel free to book a call below.


Who I've Worked With

With 35 years experience in personal development, healing, guiding and even saving lives of the most vulnerable in society, I've been honoured and grateful to to be able to help a multitude of people, find a path to peace, success and meaning. 

These include business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and those with big ambitions who want to make a difference. 

If this is you and you feel committed and ready to make the change needed for new levels of breakthrough growth, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Perhaps you’ve simply drifted off track and need to re-establish your aim? 

I can help. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Your Coach - Simon Lee

Author, Coach and committed to reigniting the minds of men back towards courage, Simon has taken the mission to use courage as a potent counter poise to fear. This is his vision, his uncompromising task and his life.

 Simon is the author of the controversial book ‘The Courage Project.’ He has coached and empowered hundreds of clients through his philosophy, self healing, mindfulness practises and the power of physical conditioning for the mind. He has taught seven different martial arts, has been a nutritionist for a private health care company and has been a coach for decades.

He was one of the first people, in the U.K. and beyond, over 3 decades ago, to actively teach how the body can heal the mind.

What Does Mindset Coaching with Simon look like?

  • A 3 month one-to-one private intensive coaching course with veteran coach Simon Lee
  • You will have a once a week private 1-hour online or live session with Simon
  • Every session will be recorded (but never shared—it's for your and Simon's reference only)
  • You will be given tasks to complete outside of each session—including a range of techniques and exercises to expand on the power of your mind.

Optional and Inclusive Extras (which you and Simon may or may not deem necessary as coaching progresses...)

  • Simon may create a complete Nutrition programme, to increase your energy, focus, immunity & performance.
  • Simon may create a bespoke physical conditioning program — because how you exercise can greatly determine your attitude, resilience and focus.
  • An online or live session with one of the finest and most experienced master chefs in the U.K. to help you prepare and cook nutritious foods based on your personal food plan.

How to Apply

Sign up below for a no obligation, free, confidential 15 - 30 minute chat with Simon to check you can work well together, and to make sure Simon can help you with the specific challenges facing you in both your work and personal life.

Either way, the call is guaranteed to be insightful and will pave a way forward for you.

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What People Are Saying About Simon’s Coaching

“Simon is an outstanding coach. He has a wide ranging knowledge of western and eastern philosophies which he uses to taylor an individual programme based around his proven system for each client. This means you get what YOU need when YOU need it to move forward. I can't say enough about what he has done for me in the short time I have known him. He is nothing short of brilliant.”

~ Gordon Maudsley - Quantity Surveyor

"I am now able to speak in from of teams at work – because finding out who I am has enabled me to speak with confidence and believe in what I am saying. It’s made me physically better off, mentally better off and the confidence aspect has been amazing."

~ Neil Scott - Business Owner

“Since working with Simon I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and who I want to be. His methods have delivered a greater clarity of direction for me and have made me take responsibility for where I am now, not only as a business owner but as a human being, husband and parent.”

~ Steve Harlin - Business Owner

“Personally it made me realise where my true calling in life is and what I should really do, which is to be true to myself. It just opened it all up for me and made me realise it. This self-development coaching is completely unique because it encompasses everything and transformed how I viewed nutrition, exercise and most importantly, how I was holding myself back.”

~ Steve Reynolds - Business Owner

“Training with Simon has taught me a strong self discipline and enabled me to handle the stress of being the head chef of 22 Restaurants. The philosophy within the teachings helped me discover the truth of who I am.”

~ David Jordan - Head Chef

“Simon is dynamic in his approach and is honest, fearless and unique. After just three weeks I have a sense of freedom and relief at last which never seemed possible.”

~ Shaun (surname withheld) - Business Owner

“Simon helped me enormously when I was going through a stressful time at work. Having taken up a senior position as another investment manager, Simon provided me with some invaluable life skills and gave me the tools to enable me to cope with the stress and build my confidence. I still use his tools every day, and they help me cope with the challenges of a senior role which requires a good deal of public speaking and presentations.”

~ Marco Malagoni - Finance Manager