The Warriors Path

Self-leadership for men who want to transform their lives to one of courage, clarity and purpose.

The “Self Leadership Model" is not merely a program; it is a powerful call to ignite the flames of your potential and forge a way ahead and the opportunity to cultivate an incorruptible force, that will be more valuable than anything else you could ever obtain.

There is a line Henry David Thoreau wrote describing the angst of man in living a life he doesn’t want or even intended for himself.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”


It really doesn’t have to be this way.

Few men really plan and set out to create who they really want to be, what they expect of themselves and what they will stand for in life.

When a man doesn’t create and aim at the person he knows he can be, it leads to the life of desperation.

So many people get this wrong — and waste not only thousands of pounds in various courses but even reinforce the very habits, thoughts and feelings they are trying to move beyond.

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make is in thinking the achievement of a goal will bring freedom from fear, and more confidence, success and happiness.

The truth is — who you are now will be your future, and anything you achieve will be a result of who you are right now.

A mindset and accompanying courage must match the 'mission' you're trying to undertake and the goals you're striving to achieve in business and life.

People often think they can stay exactly as they are with their current habits, and do great things — but it quickly becomes apparent this is impossible.

Or men dabble at change through mixed gender life coaching courses and mediocre forms of personal development and wonder why these also do not create the change they seek.

It seems we live in a world where I have to explain men and women are different so need a different approach. If not, you can be sure what you are being taught is not deep enough to create lasting change.

This coaching focuses on the vital foundations that make success far more likely, whilst getting you to focus on what really matters on the journey.

All men will at some point have to lead, whether that’s a company, a sports team or even their family but the very foundation of this is self-leadership.

A man who has no command over himself cannot possibly lead anyone.

It is a life that indeed beckons the bold, the brave, the ones who dare to dream of a destiny not yet written.

The Self Leadership Model is a meticulously crafted program, that is the result of Simon Lee’s 30+ years experience and is designed for men who seek to discover and reveal the vast potential they know they have.

This Coaching Is For The Following Men. .

  • Do you feel like you’re living below your potential?
  • Is there something you really want to do but are not sure how to get there?
  • Have you tried life coaching, therapy and other coaching methods but still feel the same?
  • Is your career successful, but you still feel unfulfilled and unhappy?
  • Do you feel your life lacks meaning, passion, purpose and focus?
  • Are you always grasping at a future arrival point to be confident, happy and content?


If you are a man who has reached the point where he needs help finding a way forward, feels he has gone off track or simply needs to re-establish his aim towards what he wants, this course is for you.

This is a breakthrough process, designed to clear the path for the man and his mission.

Men are born to lead and protect and it is the focus on who you want to be as a man that leads to his own unique vision and ambition.

The real value is the person you become.

Charting the Course to Self-leadership.

Over five progressive stages, together we will clear the way and create clarity and focus on where you want to be and exactly what you desire.

  • Stage 1: Vision

    Discover the dual nature of vision, the clarity of the man you wish to become, and the mission or ambition you wish to achieve. This is the vital first part of the journey where you get absolute clarity on what you are aiming at and to be congruent through your actions and convictions.
  • Stage 2: Unwavering Self-Belief

    If you don’t really believe you can achieve something, then you will go no further than these beliefs. This is where you get to change the internal narratives and scripts you have picked up in life, that are holding you back. Establish new beliefs so powerful, that you now realise nothing can make you retreat or shrink back as you used to be.

  • Stage 3: Forging Self-Discipline

    Discipline is the driver of success and personal potential and this highly popular but extremely rare outline of self-discipline, shows a clear and concise breakdown of how you create the energy and results needed to succeed. It clearly reveals why dreams fail and more importantly, how big results are made.

  • Stage 4: The Mind Fortress - Protecting What Really Matters

    To really protect what matters to you requires a blend of kindness and fierceness. Get to know the dark side of your psyche and how it will serve, create and protect what matters most. Manage confrontation in an efficient, natural way.

    Forging an efficient mind door that keeps out unwanted distractions and negativity.

  • Stage 5: Accountability to Action

    A clear and precise plan of action that is created backwards from the mission. Creating and expecting an accountability from yourself whilst always looking for feedback and adjustments to the system. A reminder of the WILL to win, daring to dream and expanding into the life you have imagined.

This program is more than a collection of lessons; it is a crucible in which the true essence of your leadership is forged. It is an invitation to join the ranks of those rare individuals who choose to lead from the front, to inspire by example, and to impact the world in ways yet unimagined.

Transforming your life through the power of courage and leadership results in the following changes...

  • You can make fear your friend and guide to get through the toughest of challenges.
  • You can finally free yourself from the opinions of others-and actually get comfortable with being disliked.
  • You can finally find true freedom, empowerment and resilience.
  • You can become a beacon of courage and inspire those closest to you.
  • You can forge powerful relationships that drive your personal life & make your professional career explode to currently unimaginable levels.
  • You can have a full, clear understanding of exactly what you need to do and what to avoid, to achieve your goals.
  • You can make the impossible possible & live your life to its fullest potential.

You now move towards your goals free from an outside need for acceptance, attention and permission.

Your whole life changes, including relationships, friendships and health, as you become more resilient, free and disciplined.

You finally realise…

YOU are the creator of your entire life and you hold the key to creating your own masterpiece.

Whatever personal, work or ambition challenges you're facing, MINDSET is almost certainly the core issue, and Simon Lee can help you transform your mindset and finally achieve what you really want.

What Does Mindset Coaching with Simon look like?

  • A 3 month one-to-one private intensive coaching course with veteran coach Simon Lee
  • You will have a once a week private 1-hour online or live session with Simon
  • Every session will be recorded (but never shared—it's for your and Simon's reference only)
  • You will be given tasks to complete outside of each session—including a range of techniques and exercises to expand on the power of your mind.

Optional and Inclusive Extras (which you and Simon may or may not deem necessary as coaching progresses...)

  • Simon may create a complete Nutrition programme, to increase your energy, focus, immunity & performance.
  • Simon may create a bespoke physical conditioning program — because how you exercise can greatly determine your attitude, resilience and focus.
  • An online or live session with one of the finest and most experienced master chefs in the U.K. to help you prepare and cook nutritious foods based on your personal food plan.

How Much Does it Cost?

The three month program currently costs £5997.

Please note this price will increase shortly, and slots are only available on a 'first come first served' basis and they are always limited.

See below for details of how to apply today.

How to Apply

Sign up below for a no obligation, free, confidential 15 - 30 minute chat with Simon to check you can work well together, and to make sure Simon can help you with the specific challenges facing you in both your work and personal life.

Either way, the call is guaranteed to be insightful and will pave a way forward for you.

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Your Coach - Simon Lee

Simon Lee is the author of ‘The Courage Project’ and is a long standing coach for men.

He has studied Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, taught a multitude of different martial arts, created nutritional programs for a private health care clinic and is a physical conditioning expert.

He has spent his life testing and coaching how what we think, eat and move affects the mind. He focuses on the power of self-leadership, creating both vision and resilience for men’s lives and ambitions. Simon was recently interviewed on GB News by Neil Oliver about his life and coaching.

What People Are Saying About Simon’s Coaching

“Simon is an outstanding coach. He has a wide ranging knowledge of western and eastern philosophies which he uses to taylor an individual programme based around his proven system for each client. This means you get what YOU need when YOU need it to move forward. I can't say enough about what he has done for me in the short time I have known him. He is nothing short of brilliant.”

~ Gordon Maudsley - Quantity Surveyor

"I am now able to speak in from of teams at work – because finding out who I am has enabled me to speak with confidence and believe in what I am saying. It’s made me physically better off, mentally better off and the confidence aspect has been amazing."

~ Neil Scott - Business Owner

“Since working with Simon I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and who I want to be. His methods have delivered a greater clarity of direction for me and have made me take responsibility for where I am now, not only as a business owner but as a human being, husband and parent.”

~ Steve Harlin - Business Owner

“Personally it made me realise where my true calling in life is and what I should really do, which is to be true to myself. It just opened it all up for me and made me realise it. This self-development coaching is completely unique because it encompasses everything and transformed how I viewed nutrition, exercise and most importantly, how I was holding myself back.”

~ Steve Reynolds - Business Owner

“Training with Simon has taught me a strong self discipline and enabled me to handle the stress of being the head chef of 22 Restaurants. The philosophy within the teachings helped me discover the truth of who I am.”

~ David Jordan - Head Chef

“Simon is dynamic in his approach and is honest, fearless and unique. After just three weeks I have a sense of freedom and relief at last which never seemed possible.”

~ Shaun (surname withheld) - Business Owner

“Simon helped me enormously when I was going through a stressful time at work. Having taken up a senior position as another investment manager, Simon provided me with some invaluable life skills and gave me the tools to enable me to cope with the stress and build my confidence. I still use his tools every day, and they help me cope with the challenges of a senior role which requires a good deal of public speaking and presentations.”

~ Marco Malagoni - Finance Manager