The Healing Mind

Exclusive 8-week live training course with Simon Lee, for a maximum 12 people at our dedicated training centre near Sevenoaks.

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Discover how to develop strong emotional resilience, become more courageous, develop your own identity and stop living other people's opinions and ideas. It's a mixture of gentle physical movement, group discussion, meditation, breath-work and so much more.


How to be free from fear and live with peace, courage and clarity

This powerful, extensively results proven course, is for anyone genuinely interested in personal transformation.

It provides the inspiration and step by step process to transform the mind to be free from fear and break your own shackles of limitation. 

This is an inward revolution for rewiring your mental and emotional state so that you may live from the highest levels of peace, courage and health.

The course includes:

  • How to use fear to your advantage.
  • Overcome negative feelings that make you believe you can’t change or be successful.
  • How to use meditation to create inner stillness and connect to your intuitive intelligence.
  • The practise of Chi Gung to change how the body responds to stress and pressure.
  • How to realistically identify how life would look without our conditioned thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back and the unique potential that arises from this.
  • How to practise of auto suggestion and affirmations correctly to change past beliefs.
  • The most important practise of Olympic athletes that has also additionally been dramatically proven in the world of healing.
  • How to use specific breathing exercises to facilitate powerful changes in mindset and releasing physical and mental stress.
  • How the type of food we eat can result in lessening the feelings of fear and create more energy for success.


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This live training programme is at the exclusive Unlimited Courage training venue in the heart of the country

  • Live Coaching
  • Chi Gung
  • Mindfulness
  • Affirmations & Visualisations
  • Breathing & Nutrition
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This unique training takes place in small private groups. Space is strictly limited and we can't take on everyone who enquires.

Before joining we need to have a quick chat to make sure this programme is right for you.

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This course has changed the lives of hundreds of people
and is taught by Simon Lee, a thirty year veteran coach.

What People Are Saying

“Very insightful and hugely beneficial. We will definitely be asking Simon back.”

~ Lucy Donovan Jellyfish Group,
The Shard, London

“...people I haven’t seen in a while actually think I’m a different person.”

~ Gill Featherstone. Quantity Surveyor

“Simon’s approach forges a new path in the field of personal development.”

~ Jenny Pickering, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

“...provided me with much valued nutritional information as well as helping me examine other areas of my life. Helped me greatly with my self esteem and I am a much more confident person now.”

~ Kim Constantine, Company Director, London

“After just three weeks I have a sense of freedom and relief at last which never seemed possible.”

~ Sarah, Business Owner

“As hard as it was to hear, Simon told me the only way to stop feeling the way I did was to take responsibility for my situation. I am now mending the relationships with my children and am extremely grateful for his help.”

~ Philip, Business Owner

“Wonderful experience. Simon is ahead of his time. My high blood pressure has normalised and I now know what peace feels like.”

~ Jan, counsellor and healer