Peace & The Sword

Jan 05, 2024

If there is one thing men misunderstand about themselves it’s an idea born out of modernity, that they just need to be nice, harmless and kind to others and they will get everything they want as a result.

This is more of a barter, where a man projects harmlessness in return for the perceived benefits to himself he believes this will bring.

True kindness only comes from a man who understands the darkest aspects of himself and has them under control.

Many men believe and hope, being harmless is enough to develop a character that will bring them peace and contentment. This is until, that inevitable time comes, when it leads to frustration, resentment and even serious mental health issues.

A man that suppresses aspects of himself, eventually falls apart.

Many men have been coerced and fooled into believing being harmless is some kind of high moral value to uphold and indeed, they are encouraged to believe so.

Yet it’s neither a virtue or beneficial.

The genuinely self assured man who doesn’t feel inadequate is more likely to portray a genuine kindness and humility because he doesn’t feel the lack of masculinity that so many men feel these days.

There is an inner confidence that comes from the capability to be personally dangerous but choosing not to use it.

The core of which, is to be justifiably non compliant and willing to stand alone against injustice if needs be.

Many men fail to understand, by denying that they have the capability for chaos and even deem it wrong, they are setting themselves up for hardships and even a potential greater expression of cruelty towards others.

It also means a man will far more likely fall to obedience and compliancy.

When Jesus gave his ‘Sermon on the mount,’ a particular term he used has added to the confusion of being harmless and this is:

 The meek will inherit the earth.”

In modern terminology, it appears meek means timid, harmless and placid.

Yet, as is relevant with so many of the biblical terms, they had an entire different connotation to what they meant then.

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson explained his understanding of the meek will inherit the earth and describes it as to be proficient and capable of wielding the sword but choosing to keep it sheathed.

This explains the entire premise of martial arts practise. The proficiency in the art of destruction and fighting means a man cultivates the opposite.

The capacity for chaos allows a more genuine voice of kindness and empathy because it’s not false or contrived.

Men have been psychologically sedated and subdued and if this continues, both sexes and children will continue to also lose.  

The weak men in power we are now saturated with, don’t need subservience from other men, they need to be shown the way and kept in line by stronger men.

The idea of peace and the sword being totally different approaches and ideas, is a misunderstanding and often, a far more dangerous ideology.

Despite a misguided society, media and political agenda enticing men towards weakness and mediocrity, this is actually a sure sign that strong men are a necessity now more than ever.

Times change but courage never does.




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