A Captain Of Courage

Jul 13, 2022


Most of us believe we are one personality. One self to change and hopefully improve upon according to the goals we set ourselves. 

in the book ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’ teacher George Gurdjieff, suggests each of us has  over a hundred different personalities all baying for attention and domination.

I have found this to be accurate and understandably, the very reason we self sabotage and create so many obstacles in our work, relationships and health. 

This subject has become a great passion, due to my own experiences of being trained and pressure tested, by world class champions in martial arts.

I’ve also interviewed and befriended elite special forces soldiers and endurance athletes who agree that we get to define who is going to be our inner Captain of courage. 

We cannot have a multitude of personalities creating chaos within us and expect to do great things in life. They have to be brought to order and this is done by defining who will be in charge and cultivating the values and strengths of this original and authentic part of us.

Otherwise it’s the equivalent of having a military platoon without command, all arguing, all wanting to do something different and inevitably great harm can be caused to us and others around us. 

A great coach will inform their athlete, that their mind will come under its greatest attack during stress. This is when the multitude of personalities and shadows will rise and attempt to sabotage our state of mind. 

Ancient Latin writer Publilius Syrus once wrote: 

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. 

Identifying and cultivating a Captain of courage during times of stress and the storms of life, is the only way to efficiently handle  them. 

Entrepreneurs and business owners will also need to recognise and tame all of the personalities within them, that create chaos in their life and goals.

Most business owners and athletes I’ve worked with are placing everything on a future goal to arrive at a place of inner contentment. 

It will never happen. 

Who we are now is the future. 

It’s been said before but the comment remains true - Work harder on yourself than you do on your business. 

Being able to live with ourself will define success throughout all of ones life. 


Mindset Mastery Coaching 

This has recently become available for entrepreneurs and business owners interested in mastering their mindset. After much research and comparing the difference between business coaches and elite coaching for athletes, it was glaringly obvious the foundation in the conventional business coaching world was vastly inadequate.

The mind is the foundation and launchpad for anyone that wants to achieve amazing things. It is not only the start point but the only strength we really have.

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Bushido - How Integrity Empowers A Man 

New YouTube video on this vital virtue that is all the more relevant in the modern world. Integrity is protective, creative and  defining. 

Please click the link below to watch.


Until next time, stay safe and well and aim for courage in everything you do.



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