Comfort Kills.

comfort Jan 06, 2021

We are all seeking a comfortable life. But if we really want a life worth living, there needs to be an element of risk, an active seeking of discomfort. Comfort kills. It kill dreams, it degrades our own story and destroys potential. Worse, it can even take lives. Lives that would rather be trapped in a suffocating comfort of safety, of the known. Yet it isn’t safe. It is a dangerous wasteland full of obedient, terrified people to afraid to reach for an alternative life. Possibly the only one that was ever meant to be lived.

Comfort makes people irresponsible, weak and fragile. This has far reaching consequences for the world we live in. Fragility makes people go back on their word, justify their lies and harmful actions. It makes us turn our backs on obvious wrongdoings and injustice so that we become part of the corrupt behaviour we condemn in others.

Search for discomfort. It starts by honestly looking at our own fears and stepping into them. If our own ego squirms in discomfort, we are on the right track.

Discomfort creates a life worth living in a world worth living in.

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