Courage is contagious - The real law of attraction

Feb 26, 2021

image by Jehyun Sung via Unsplash 

Anyone who has read the book or seen the Film ‘The Secret’ will know of its popularity and powerful message.

It is based on the law of attraction, which is that thoughts can directly change a persons life. It teaches that if you see yourself living in abundance, you will attract it.

This all sounds great, especially in today’s world where technology and a culture of expectance has created increasingly fragile and vulnerable minds, that cannot tolerate too much stress, challenges and discomfort.

However, despite the message of the secret being partly true, it misses something that’s not just vital but is in reality, the secret to the real law of attraction.

Here it is:

You attract what you are more than what you want.’

This instantly changes things quite significantly.

Anyone can sit down and imagine a life of abundance but this will likely be from our current character and here exists the potential problem.

Maybe we will choose things in our life to make us feel complete, more important so others look up to us, alleviate fear through security, feel loved, but mainly use this vision and feeling of abundance to suppress and mask deep insecurities.

It is these feelings a huge number of people map their abundance with. This is a reaction to having feelings of lacking something and it is this often ignored aspect of ourselves that is the most powerful part of the law of attraction.

I’m not saying someone will not be successful in one area if they use the law of attraction from deep rooted feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, anger and fear but whatever is created, it will be tainted with those feelings.

Just look at the behaviour of most politicians and political leaders, some business owners and certain celebrities and it’s obvious they never spent time in the forge developing a character of courage. They never developed a mental fortitude of courage to resist corruption, grandiose behaviour, temptation and cruelty.

This didn’t come from success and power, they had corruption and cruelty in them already. They just never put in the inner work needed to process and overcome these potentially destructive characteristics.


Because it takes courage to look at the worst aspects of ourselves. It’s easy to focus on the good stuff and relish in the pats on the back of achievement but there’s little growth here. Soon people become experts in denial and as a result, courage is nothing more than a meaningless word thrown around for ones own benefit.

For instance I’ve met fighters who are amazing on the Judo mat, yet lie, cheat and deceive in other areas of their life which consequently have fallen apart.

Very financially successful businessmen who have children that no longer speak to them,  due to the children not feeling loved or wanted.

This is the real law of attraction in that these deep rooted feelings are playing out and draw our own behaviour back towards us in a variety of ways.

This is a cast iron guarantee.

We reap what we sow not just in our ambitions but more so in the character that accompanies us there.

Courage is facing truth. It may very well be painful but humility and the ability to do the right thing are accessed and this ultimately benefits everyone around us by manifesting success throughout all aspects of life. 

Frederick Nietzsche summed it up below:

‘Judge a man on how much truth he can tolerate.’

This will result in a person of courage.

This courage is contagious.

The beauty of this law of attraction?

There is no need for lies, coercion and manipulation because people will want to follow you. It attracts like minded people and often those that want to change but are struggling in doing so.

Real leadership is one that starts with oneself before asking it of others.

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