Leveraging Energy

Feb 16, 2024

Changing our habits and beliefs requires work.

 It requires energy.

Many people waste vast amounts of energy on things they can’t change, things that don’t matter and even things that aren’t true.

Change is all about the sacrifice.

You have to know what you need to give up and what isn’t serving you, before you embark on a personal transformation.

This frees up energy, creates intention and starts the leveraging of energy towards new possibilities.

You can’t leverage much with just energy.

What will that energy be focused on?

What are the one or two things that will make the biggest change in your life?

Place the energy there and be willing to put the time into these areas.

This is the tempering stage of focus, where the creation takes place.

It’s all about the sacrifice.

This is the first part of the process that if ignored, will create huge conflict as you attempt to change.

It’s as the Stoics called, motivated by the ‘via negativa.’

First, identify where you don’t want to be and what’s causing you harm and holding you back.

Many men I have spoken to don’t know what they stand for and who they want to be but all of them can identify what they want to change in themselves and who they don’t want to be.

This is a start and the beginning of shifting energy towards better possibilities.

Podcast Interview

Next Tuesday on the 20th February, I am looking forward to being interviewed on 4 Guys 1 brain Cell. You can follow them here for updates and news on their future topics and guests. It is sure to be an interesting conversation.

4 Guys, 1 Brain Cell

Misogi - Change The Mind Via The Body

Following on from the previous blog on Misogi, the link below provides a short video on the subject for those that might have missed it.


As always, if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover, which I always welcome, please email [email protected]


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