Men Should Be Coached By Men

Feb 23, 2024

It seems we live in a world where coaches like myself have to explain that men and women are different and so their coaching needs and approaches should be different.

Whilst I fully accept that a specific skill such as writing, dancing, painting, speaking, business etc can be taught by a female or male coach, when it comes to leading, life coaching and any deeper cultivating of the psychological male  mindset, men need a male coach.

Just as only a man can turn a boy into a man, it is only men that can make other men fully embrace their own masculine potential.

Men are inherently leaders and protectors and all men have their roots in thousands of years of ancestors, who lived the hunter gatherer lifestyle.

This risk taking, leading, protecting, physical proficiency and ability to endure hardships, has led men to progress, adapt and fully explore their masculine potential.

The harmful and ludicrous attempts of woke culture to create a genderless society and trying to implement the fragilising of men by denying who he is and what his true purpose is, can be identified as radicalisation.

A radicalisation that will lead him to not just hating society but mostly himself.

Whether people like it or not, there is a reason young men are leaning towards men like Andrew Tate, David Goggins and Joe Rogan, because they desire to be courageous and confident men.

Nothing much in society is real, truthful or inspiring enough to offer them what they need and desire.

It’s not just the physicality of these men that inspires them but the way they speak their mind on topics many men hide from.

Topics men secretly agree on, when together in groups and gatherings.

Some famous men in the public eye, who speak their mind have been accused of radicalising young men.

I was also accused of this just this week.

The truth is though, it is weak men and women who have caused the utmost harm in emasculating men, who are really causing the radicalisation of men.

This will either be the harm caused by the silencing of the male voice, or the creation of the counter reaction of extremes through the attack on their masculinity.

Only a woman knows what it’s like to be a women and only a man knows what it’s like to be a man.

As a result, if you are looking to explore the fullest potential you have, choosing the right coach is essential.

It is only in the modern, confused world, a man would feel the need to hire a female life coach to help show him how to live a courageous, meaningful life.

Men need men’s groups, mentoring and inspiring now more than ever.

As I’ve written before, I believe this is not just going to turn men’s lives around but actually turn the moral rot of society around too.

The Courage Project book I have written was never intended as a simple personal development book for men but a call to action, an essential and vital movement, that I intend to spread throughout the U.K. and hopefully beyond.

If this means being labelled a dangerous radical, then judging by the alternatives being offered, I will accept the comment as a compliment.
















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