Misogi - Using Exercise To Build Courage & Self Belief

Feb 07, 2024

Anyone that has worked with me or knows my background will know that I have practised a very wide range of physical conditioning practises.

These include weight training, bodybuilding, which led me to winning a Southern England title, ultra running, martial arts and a whole array of physical disciplines.

Without doubt, the most rewarding and revealing practise was through the Japanese concept of Misogi - the psychological/spiritual cleansing through physical repetition.

At Unlimited Courage, we have used the practise of hundreds and thousands of reps, punching the pads in a single direct movement, to facilitate a mindfulness in action.

It is a wonderful practise of movement, breath and power, that forces the mind to go quiet through physical repetition until you enter a state of pure clarity of mind and body known as Sumikiri.

 It is a deeply personal experience that creates a self awareness which reveals much about oneself through a single direct movement.

Most exercise is based on the flaunting of our own ego. Look inside any gym and you will see it is almost entirely based on ‘I am how I look.’

The practise of Misogi is different, in that its intention is to push through this to a space where we can connect with the essence of who we are beyond the need for attention and admiration.

It is here we access a genuine powerful courage and self belief, that expands through the detachment of needing to be validated and accepted.

This year we will be teaching this incredibly rewarding practise again so keep a look out for details here soon.

Podcast Interview

On the 20th of February I am appearing on the podcast - 4 Guys, 1 Braincell.

I really like the guys who run this show and I am looking forward to chatting with them.

I highly recommend following them for humour, life stories and the serious side of life.

You can find them here:

4 Guys, 1 Brain Cell

 All the best to you all and if you have any questions or enquiries please email - [email protected]

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