Out With The New In With The Old

Sep 01, 2023

We’ve been living comfortable but we are going to train old.” - Apollo Creed - Rocky 111

Part of the coaching I offer takes a deep dive into the fitness routines of my clients, what they are trying to achieve and why. I normally always find in-congruencies  within the method, the mindset and the outcome.

I’ve been fortunate to train and been mentored by some of the best martial artists and conditioning experts on the planet and I’ve noticed much of the useful equipment in the gym, comes from the martial arts community and not the fitness industry.

These include sandbags, kettlebells, clubbells, the mace, medicine balls and others and the amazing body weight training method, dating back thousands of years to the history of the great Eastern wrestlers.

These ancient athletes were taught a holistic syllabus of Yoga, nutrition, body weight callisthenics, and a variety of weighted implements.

I was always taught, if you can’t lift the weight you are about to lift, from the floor into the ready position, you have no right lifting the weight at all.

It remains just one of the many great insights I was taught and one I’ve passed on to my own students.

The beauty of this old style of training that is still practised by the military and combat athletes, is that you soon discover, the gym is not only overrated but unnecessary.

Remove the machines and much of the gloss of the modern gym and it’s surprising how little you really need.

Machines are an example of how we have attempted to pursue discomfort within the most comfortable environment possible.

This ultimately impacts the mind and it’s capabilities.

Just like the ancient Eastern warriors, it’s important to aim as many habits as possible towards a desired mindset.

It is the Food, Thought & Movement of our own coaching approach that really creates the desired change in mindsets.

The approach of coaching mindset, without looking at food and movement is not only vastly inadequate, but now redundant.

Physical movement skills cultivate their own mindset and even more importantly, this mindset often creates far more resilience than any dialogue coaching could ever achieve.


The Mind Fortress

 The concept of the mind fortress has been a popular subject within private coaching and on social media.

For those interested, the video for The Mind Fortress is below:


GBNews Appearance.

 My appearance on GBNews is now postponed for a couple of weeks. This has given me the chance to speak to many other children and young adults, struggling and victimised in a society of disappearing positive values and the tilt towards cowardice.

This should be an interesting conversation.

Podcast Interview 

I was recently interviewed by Janis King of ‘Everything Is Energy.’ 

Janis is actually my cousin and is helping people in her own unique way. Unfortunately we had some sound difficulties throughout but hopefully you will still gain some valuable insights. 

We discussed my own personal journey, personal development, healing and mental strength. 

The link is below:

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