Prepare the body to change the brain.

Mar 23, 2023

 We’ve come a long way since the days of sitting in a chair and simply talking about our problems. Dialogue therapy has been identified more now, as not just incomplete but only as a single piece of the puzzle.

 Preparing the body as a way of changing our thoughts, emotions and behaviour was missed by the Freudian and Jungian modes of thought, yet in the Far East, this was often a starting point of not only health but a prerequisite to all of life’s career goals and desires.

 Prepare the body to fuel the brain and mindset before mission, was how I was taught over 30 years ago.

I still use the framework of food, thought and movement to create huge changes to clients health and lives.

 I can see a future where a blend of psychology, psychiatry, mindfulness, nutrition and physical exercise are prescribed and taught as one.

Our bodies have been neglected in modern times.

We fed ourselves a disastrous myth that you can have a healthy functioning brain regardless of how our body is.

We are sick because our chair and screen existence has created a chair and screen mind.

However, world class chess champs, writers and problem solvers of the highest level, are now practising mindfulness, eating good food, exercising and meditating as a foundation for their creative skills.

I will be blunt.

 If a child or an adult suffering from mental health issues isn’t eating and exercising in a manner that will facilitate recovery, they will never fully recover.

Our potential as human beings will only manifest if we approach the capability of our minds through the unification of body and brain in everything we do.

Daniel Wolport is a British Neuroscientist has introduced the idea that the primary use of the brain is for movement and not thought.

You can see his Ted Talk here:

What implications does this have?

 What if intelligence, creativity and even the values of courage, compassion and integrity are harnessed and forged through physical movement and connection?

 A connection not just with ourselves but with those around us?

 Worth a thought and some movement.



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