Self Sovereignty - A Counter Poise To Fear

Jan 20, 2023

The remarkable men I have been mentored by, led me to a truth that was demonstrated by how they lived life.

I noticed these men didn’t expect to be looked after or blame others for the hardships in their life. I’m not sure they even recognised hardships in their terminology.

The big lesson I’ve learnt by spending a lot of time with these self sovereign men, and studying such men throughout history, is that if you are not willing to be a victim and take responsibility for your life, you will not take advice from those that have no sovereignty over themselves.

I was called out by one of my most important mentors early in life, who actively pointed out how I was using my childhood as an excuse not to explore my own potential.

Painful at the time but true. 

We have to have the desire for a greater self sovereignty before we select those that can lead us.

Why is this so important?

Because without holding ourselves to the highest standard we can, we pass all responsibility on to those that will only lead us from purposes of control and suppression.

They do this because they recognise the opportunity to take advantage of those that will not govern themselves.

Looking out upon the world we see that few leaders are self sovereign men and women. It’s mostly stolen power on the back of lies, deceit and manipulation.

They attempt to make us frightened, ashamed or guilty because this is how weak people feel about themselves and simply project this in their leadership.

It’s accepted because there is an unconscious recognition, many of us will not raise ourselves up to be a better version of ourselves.

Our own self sovereignty we believe is stolen from those in power but the real truth is, we never had it in the first place.

We tolerate other peoples lies and behaviour because this same behaviour can then be unquestioningly accepted within ourselves.

Real leaders expect others to raise their standards and to become strong, just and live from integrity.

There must be a congruency between the leader and those that will follow them.

As a result of my own teachers who I selected to guide me and encouraged me to be more, I now do not take advice or act upon those that have no sovereignty over themselves.

And yes, this includes those in the highest echelons of power because I was shown the greatest power source resides within us.

 If we cannot be the standard and example we want to see in the world, we have to accept an inevitable collective example of the opposite.

Every concern within our environment, political or otherwise, simply offers an opportunity to live from a better inner state.

We all need a warrior ethos, a code of conduct, to know right and wrong and the consequences of what we tolerate from ourselves and those around us.

To be committed and courageous enough to do this, will, result in a counterpoise to fear, which was why the ancient philosophies evolved in the first place.

But it would be a mistake to recognise these as just some ancient, outdated ramblings of the past.

What they really point at is the meaning of life, where personal potential are synonymous with the inability to be paralysed by fear.

In order to have great leaders, we first must be willing to lead ourselves greatly, with courage and compassion.

‘“All know the way, few actually walk it.”

- Bodhidharma


The Power Of Gratitude.

“How we start the day, will determine the day.’

The late spiritual and self help writer and speaker Wayne Dyer, often spoke and wrote of starting the day with gratitude over the often anxious stressful state, that for many, is the usual beginning of the day.

I recently uploaded a short video on gratitude and the link is below:

I will be delving into self sovereignty more on my channel over the coming weeks so please subscribe if this is something of interest to you. 

Thank you for reading. 




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