Success Demands Emotional Mastery

Apr 15, 2021

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Whenever I talk about coaching elite sportsmen and women to others, there is a tendency to believe they are somewhat superhuman and have no relevance to them.

They are in fact normal people who do extraordinary things.

They have the same issues and problems as everyone else.

Fear is always present just as it is for everyone else.

This fear is often as stealthy as an ancient ninja and materialises in anger, jealousy, envy, greed and a whole range of feelings and behaviours.

The truly successful know that fulfilling ones potential demands everything from someone.

It demands emotional mastery.

Any weaknesses and fears will be drawn out and unavoidably laid bare for the seeker of potential to see.

It is in this moment, a decision can be made to walk away and deny these issues, or they can be alchemised into something incredible.

Success demands your fear.

It demands you burn in its glare.

The things we ignore in ourself will determine success because there are no separating compartments of life.

If one is jealous, jealousy is lived in all areas of life. If one is angry, anger is lived in all areas of life. Freedom from suffering and our very potential are in the understanding of this.

Multi Wimbledon champion Rodger Federer, has spoken of his continuous early losses and how anger held him back in his tennis career.

His coach told him if he doesn’t master his anger he will never be a champion.

Federer went from a player of decent ability into arguably the greatest tennis player that has ever graced the courts and one of the coolest under pressure too.

A far cry from where he started.

There are no emotional compartments in life.

We live from how we choose to think and feel.

Emotional mastery is not self perfection but an honest look at our fears and how they are defining our existence.

The seeing of this is the beginning of action.

Success will ask:

How much are you willing to surrender of yourself?”

It is here extraordinary lives are created.


Only one thing is stopping you from completely changing how you act, think and feel — and the results you get in every part of your life.

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