The 3 Pillars Of Personal Transformation

Mar 22, 2024

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How many arrows are you aiming at the target?

When it comes to real personal transformation and the direction of our energy towards what we are trying to achieve, we need to place our attention in 3 areas.

The first stage is to have total clarity on what you wish to achieve and more importantly, what needs to be sacrificed in order to get there.

1.The food you eat.

What we consume is very revealing about ourselves. Food can be used to reward us and sooth us during periods of stress. It becomes a habit and it is the most difficult area to master.

The beliefs we have about ourselves are projected into what we consume.

When clients come to me they often ask questions like:

“Shall I do intermittent fasting?”

“Shall I go Paleo?”

Yet the first stage is easier but still challenging.

For at least 5 -6 days a week I suggest eating only real unprocessed foods. This is far more challenging than people think because it involves no biscuits, crisps, pastries, sugar and refined foods at all.

You are left with only real food.

This raises its own challenge of not only making different choices but how to cook and prepare these foods in the quickest and most nutritious way.

The drive to return to how you’ve conditioned yourself to eat will be immensely powerful.

This is good.

You want to observe the self sabotaging voice rise that has remained hidden and captained your desires for so long.

Anything kept in the dark remains strong and in control.

 2. Your philosophy of living.

When it comes to directed, purposeful living and allowing our thoughts to become more useful, the old philosophies are presently becoming revived and the interest in them is growing.

Stoicism is one such philosophy that has soared in popularity recently but the Japanese way of the warrior code of Bushido, is also gaining popularity.

These are robust, formidable philosophies that have their life’s aim at courage.

At Unlimited Courage, we coach the philosophy of ‘The Seven Courages,’ a potent but simplified pathway to living life with resilience and meaning.

Whatever you choose, make courage the primary aim of life and it will reveal the greatest path you can follow.

Lastly, it is essential that the body is strong and prepared for the mission ahead.

3.Your physical body.

Our physical structure is affected by every emotion we have and is equally able to change how we react, process and release negative emotions.

Ideally, our training should be at times be testing enough to make us nervous and anxious.

It is without doubt, an area that can create massive resilience and a robust mental strength.

Many modern training methods reinforce the very character we are trying to move beyond and do not help identify the man we wish to become.

For instance, there is a big difference in the mindset between the bodybuilder and the serious kick boxer. Believe me I’ve been there.

One is focused almost entirely on image and looks, whilst the kick-boxer builds self esteem on skills and facing huge fear and self doubt.

Choose something that teaches you new skills and not just a physical look. Otherwise, It will result in more fear and false confidence.

Once you have these three areas in alignment, you can direct the huge energy they will create towards your chosen goal.

How will you leverage this energy?


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