The Mind Fortress

Jul 21, 2023

From the moment you wake up, you will be under attack from the news, the media and external influences including your own addictions and habits that keep you less than what you really are.    

 How many times do we get distracted or subjected to fear enhancing information that lead you away from what you want to stand for and what ambitions you have.

 When an enemy from the medieval times approached a fortress or a castle, the first thing they would do is check the outside of it for weaknesses so they can, break through get inside and over run the occupants.

 The slightest vulnerability in the castle wall, a weak point, will see this part ripped wide open and chaos will prevail.

 Once the enemy is inside, it’s harder to remove them.

 What we need is a powerful mind fortress. An awareness where we can not only keep negative influences out but also cast out our own vices and self destructive behaviour.

 We need a mind warrior to stand guard that will become more proficient as we repeatedly flex this mental muscle.

 We need to be aware of the weaknesses of our minds and where we need to reinforce certain areas to avoid being overrun by external influences.

 Every time the news draws us in and we allow it to dictate our emotions, we lose ourself to fear.

 If we continually allow a vice such as porn or drugs to breach the walls of our mind, we become lost to the lure of the senses. This infiltrates every aspect of our life.

 One vice leaves the doors open to all vice.

 You can consider the mind fortress to be the guardian of the highest good you can aim at.

 Without the awareness of what this is, without any guardian of awareness, the walls to your mind will be breached and violated every day and you will become weaker, more afraid and more subservient.

 Most people are completely controlled by what they watch, hear and consume.

 Start by taking a serious look at what you watch and consume and how it makes you feel.

 Start to consider exactly who you want to be and gradually, patch up the mind fortress walls and aim at the highest courage you can.   

 The stronger the fortress of the mind, the greater protection you will have over what really matters and you get to choose what you let in and what you keep out.


 Coming up

 I am due back on GB News on Saturday August 12th. I will be accompanying one of the young teenagers I coach, the incredibly brave Isabelle, who is one of the most courageous people I have had the pleasure of working with. For her age, she stands as a beacon of light in a growing culture of cowardice and warped ideologies.



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