The Search For Belonging

Sep 29, 2023

Religion is always an area we talk about and venture into with trepidation but I was fascinated to read recently how some of the churches in Japan were teaching not just Christianity but the philosophy of Bushido alongside it.

 Bushido translates as ‘The Way Of The Warrior’ a tough, masculine. behaviour based philosophy.

In Japan, this combination of faith and a philosophy of behaviour is attracting more young men than they otherwise would.

I was also interesting to me to see how many young men in the U.K. and in other countries are joining Islam.

During a conversation this week with a friend, he was saying how he was totally confused why young men would want to join Islam.

He explained:

“Why don’t they become a Christian which is the long term historical faith of our society?”

As a coach though, I’m not surprised or confused by this choice at all.

 The society he talks about in the U.K. is being destroyed and I believe this is deliberate. Young men  don’t recognise a unified society they feel part of, or connected too. They just feel immense fear and uncertainty.

Having spoken to many young men, they feel they have no tribe, just criticism and suppression.

Islam supplies a tribe. It offers a guiding principle of behaviour, celebrates and empowers men. It’s also more steadfast in what it will and won’t tolerate.

I’m not going to get into specific religious issues here that may be of concern, neither am I going to endorse and encourage becoming a follower of Islam.

I merely want to point out that if young men feel isolated and lost, they will choose something that gives them community and empowerment.

I feel Christianity does need more bravery now, more courage and behaviour based principles.

Faith will not be enough for young men.

They need and desire behaviour based guidelines, that will encourage their own hero’s journey.

My personal way that I coach is very different.

I encourage men to understand consequences of actions and non action.A life that unfolds through the philosophy of courage as a total life style and aiming at courage is encouraged to be the primary ambition of life.

 This will allow their daily life to be enriched and progress from courage and not from long lasting fear and uncertainty, which can only distort not just a mans aim but his character too.

 This brings its own genuine faith, its own realisation that only comes when you stop having to believe something because we are afraid of life and being alone. 


The Courage Project - The Counter Poise To Fear

 Apologies to all for the recent silence. I’m about two weeks away from finishing my book: 

The Courage Project - The Counter Poise To Fear.

 One night I was writing some notes about courage and suddenly got the urge to write a short book on the subject.

 I am going to self publish so it will be available in November and you will be the first to hear. 


The Warrior Youth Program

Resilience & Courage For Teenage Boys.

As a counter and alternative to the societal decline of values and courage throughout the world, I am excited to introduce a monthly membership program for teenage boys.

We aim to launch in January.

Any parent who is concerned with how society is regressing and worried for the future of their sons, will find this program invaluable and our aim is to create strong, capable and resilient men.

 This will include a live Q & A each week and includes videos, and lessons on physical fitness, nutrition, respect, discipline and resilience delivered alongside the lessons from traditional  warrior philosophies.

 If you are interested or know anyone that is please contact us at [email protected]

 Thank you.

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