The United Call To Courage

Feb 05, 2021
The United Call To Unlimited Courage

Fear is almost always rationalised. When people are afraid they rarely admit to it. Instead, they create a facade, a mask with a purpose to say anything but the truth of ‘I’m afraid.’

This is why we have so many problems.

We live in a society where courage has boundaries, integrity is only relevant in situational circumstances and love is only expressed within immediate family. 

Virtue is often ignored, discarded and arrogantly displayed as and when it’s of personal benefit.  

Why is this? 

Because everyone’s afraid to take full responsibility for their life and push the doorway of courage fully open. Too frightened to see what they are really capable of and just how much the world is created through their behaviour and actions.

This is the reason we dabble at things like mindfulness, yoga and meditation, which have become watered down insipid distractions from life rather than their true purpose - to face the glaring reality of life and uncover ones courage. 

I know from my own work many parents are extremely concerned about some of the nonsense their children are being taught.

I know there is great concern over governments that seek personal enrichment before the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. People are frightened about their future, the environment and many other aspects of life. 

Yet these are all aspects of life that have been created and endorsed by us. What we live within ourselves becomes an external reality. All of the authorities, laws and structures of society are built around our own inner needs.

I can tell you now the only way out of this is an inward revolution.

We cannot demand that the world changes according to what we want. Because what we want is often nothing more than a distraction from our own fear we won’t face.

This fear in reality though, is demanding we step up and live a more courageous life. 

So many men and women I have spoken to feel a sense of meaningless in their lives. 

It’s a call to courage. A silent invitation that speaks through a constant discontent and suffering, that is at times almost impossible to verbalise and explain.

The inward revolution demands we face reality. It demands we look at our own behaviour, fears, habits and patterns of life before we judge or condemn anything else. Because this remains the only real way to change the world. 

This may appear scary but this is a life worth living. Mans search for meaning begins and ends with courage. 

Without any exaggeration, this courage contains a self empowerment and pure human potential with world changing capabilities. 

Your life will be measured by your courage. 

Or, you will feel the heavy burden of a life without it. 

This blog and indeed ‘Unlimited Courage’ was inspired by the possibility of a collective inward revolution. 

I vowed starting this movement, there would be no limits on what’s possible, no taboo subjects, no dabbling in methods and techniques as a substitute for telling or seeking the truth.

We have so much untapped power within us all. This power may well be infinite. Let’s at least explore the possibility of an unlimited courage. 

If you want to be a better parent, leader, person or finally pursue your dreams whilst changing the world then let’s do it. 

This is a united call to courage. 

The time for courage is now. 

As a starting point, check out ‘The 7 Courages’  a free 7-day mini-course which reveals how courage is the secret to a life filled with meaning and purpose.

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