The Warriors Path To Stopping Conflict.

Mar 30, 2023

I’ve come to realise courage has no middle ground.

 You are either cultivating courage or moving towards the opposite.

 We have to clearly aim at it.

 It’s not easy, which is why it’s becoming so rare.

 Courage is integrated into the character of the individual.

 Money doesn’t buy courage, it cannot be acquired with validation or the signalling of ones own virtue.

 It reveals itself in the moment, where seemingly ordinary men and women demonstrate the most amazing courage in the service of what is just and right.

 A demonstration often whilst those in the public eye remain quiet and frightened to voice their opinion.

 Yes, courage is neither about money or class.

 It is forged in discomfort, in trials and tribulations.

 It is a hunger for something incorruptible within us.

 It is the service of the highest good one can find within ourselves.

 It is the warriors path to stopping conflict, first within and then without.

 A worthy exploration indeed.


Sevenoaks Community Interview

I was recently interviewed in my home town for the Online Sevenoaks Community by Ruby Plenderleith.

 The link is below.


Toxic Masculinity - A wrong title with no meaning.

One of the main questions people wanted me to answer, that came out of the interview above was “What is toxic masculinity?”

The truth is that the term itself makes no sense and I explain this in the video below:





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