Toxic Masculinity - A Revisit

Feb 13, 2024

What is Toxic Masculinity?

I’m still getting this question from men regularly.

I’ve already explained the terminology within a video on this but I’m going to discuss it again because it’s still coming up time and again by both young and older men.

Toxic masculinity started on the fringes of social media before it was infiltrated into the wider media, schools, and even the world of psychology and now accepted throughout society.

It is an opinion based terminology, literally made up to condemn certain male stereotypes.

At this point it is important to mention our current political climate throughout the world, indulges topics that can upset, suppress or dismantle certain groups, that will result in a favourable manoeuvre or outcome for those in power.

We see this completely dishonest tactic, in the areas of political correctness, Woke, Great Reset, Net Zero and other areas.

I believe the terminology ‘Toxic Masculinity’ is another harmful and misleading term, that fits with the criteria above.

I’ve never thought the term makes any sense because it is the absence of masculinity that’s really toxic.

Woman, children and men do not have to fear strong men but weak men should be feared, as it is these who have not the courage to become men of honor, integrity and respect.

This is why I believe and have experienced and witnessed, psychological fragility is not harmless, but dangerous.

If a man or indeed a woman is not going to aim at courage, they will slip to the opposite.

So the term toxic masculinity is a confusing non sensical term, that might well be better replaced by toxic fragility and be applied to both men and woman.

To teach a boy he is inherently toxic for being male, is nothing more than a form of child abuse and the real toxicity comes from those that would teach such things without question. 

Both men and women cause hurt and harm in different ways and this is projected from fragility born out of a deep insecurity.

Another question then is what causes fragility?

There are several factors but a dominant reason is that it is cultivated by those who will not observe themselves as they really are.

They will do everything not to identify their own destructive traits.

Instead they blame, condemn and project their own malice onto the world around them, which we currently see by those in power around the globe.

Hence the saying: 

‘Weak men create hard times.’

Instead of observing their own inner malice and pain, they portray a fake virtue, blame others, whilst seeking control over everyone around them.

This is the result of those that will not create order and some control over themselves.

Fragility is the lack of inner order and the honesty needed to move towards courage.

They often have powerful dark shadows within them, that have not been confronted or observed. Indeed it is their greatest fear to see the reality of their own character. 

Yet it is the observation and acknowledgment of our own dark shadows and our capacity for cruelty, lies and malevolence, that is the way out of our angst and fragility.

It is also the way out of the terrible situation we have throughout/the world at the moment, created and spread by those in power, who will not confront themselves as they really are.

The greatest lie is not the untruths we speak, but the whole life and identity we live by, which our untrue words are projected from.   

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