Why a 2-3% improvement is life changing.

Jun 16, 2023

In the world of coaching, progress and improvement can seem a long way away.

 It’s puts people off and dissuades them from even trying.

 Small changes seem pointless and not worth bothering with. They want big changes in the shortest time possible.

 This can happen but if it’s the only choice they are willing to settle for, it will likely result in failure.

 Elite sportsmen and women know differently. They understand a 2-3% of change and progress is massive over time.

 A gradual start but a constant upwards improvement leads  to a huge transformation.

.There are no compartments in life. If one is jealous, jealousy is lived in all areas of life. If one is angry, anger is lived in all areas of life. If we overeat, the mindset behind the excess is within everything else.

 Small changes stop us feeding the wrong areas in our lives and allow the energy and space for real change.

 Multi Wimbledon champion Rodger Federer, has spoken of his continuous early losses and how anger held him back in his tennis career.

 Federer went from a player of decent ability into arguably the greatest tennis Wimbledon Champion that has ever graced the courts.

 In addition, he became one of the coolest under pressure too.

 There are no separate compartments in life.

 We live from how we choose to think and feel and the habits that these lead us towards.

 A 2-3% change is everything.

 Start small and see the big picture unfold.

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