Be the man you were born to be.

What would your life look like if you had an unwavering  self-belief and resilience? 

On The Warriors Path is the most powerful course for men available and is the call to reignite the minds of men towards the life they were meant to live.  

Society is now tip-toeing around rules, trends and guidelines that have nothing to do with real personal transformation but actually enhance fear and fragility. 

In order to make the biggest impact in your life, you have to forge and cultivate a code of courage that functions outside of societal trends in order to make an impact within it. 


Times Change But Courage Never Does.

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: 

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

It really doesn’t have to be this way.

This desperation is because they have lost their way and the honour, integrity and code of courage they once lived by, is giving way to fear and uncertainty.

You need something that’s going to deliver massive self belief and resilience to make huge changes in every area of your life. 

The Warriors Path is a real personal development course, the beginning of your own hero’s journey so that you may live in a manner that propels you towards the life you want and the society you want to live in. 

This is a breakthrough course for the following men.

  •  Do you feel like you’re living well below your potential?
  •  Is there something you really want to do but are not sure how to get there?
  •  Do you feel stuck in a rut and want to find out how to breakthrough?
  •  Does life feel meaningless at times and lacking direction and purpose?
  •  Do you want better leadership over yourself?
  •  Do you want to be the best version of yourself for you and your family?


This is a breakthrough process designed to clear the path for a man and his life ahead.

It is a powerful call to ignite the flames of your own potential and forge a way ahead with the opportunity to cultivate an incorruptible force, that will be more valuable than anything else you could ever obtain.

Those who attend On The Warriors Path can expect the following changes…

  •  You can make fear your friend and guide to get through the toughest of challenges.
  •  You can finally free yourself from the opinions of others and actually get comfortable with being disliked.
  •  You can finally find true freedom, empowerment and resilience.
  •  You can become a beacon of courage and inspire those closest to you.
  •  You can forge powerful relationships that drive your personal life & make your professional career explode to currently unimaginable levels.
  •  You can have a full, clear understanding of exactly what you need to do and what to avoid, to achieve your goals.
  •  You can make the impossible possible & live your life to its fullest potential.


  • A three month online course that also offers six live seminars throughout. You do not have to attend the live classes as everything will be uploaded to the Warriors Path online portal but if you are local, please come and experience the dynamic atmosphere of the live sessions. 
  •  Monthly live sessions at a venue in Sevenoaks, Kent. These will be an equal blend of an in-depth look at the progressive philosophy and the physical training. The main parts of this will be uploaded to the portal for all members. 
  •  Online support, including a weekly group Zoom clinic where you get to have your questions answered and receive extra videos. 
  • An online two hour cooking Masterclass on preparing and cooking the food recommended by the course. This is performed by one of the Britains top master chefs, who has appeared several times on National TV and headed 22 restaurants in the city of London. 
  •  An On The Warriors Path WhatsApp group for members.
  •  A step by step breakdown of the life changing philosophy of the 7 Courages.
  •  The oldest and most effective bodyweight training, as originally taught to the Indian martial artists thousands of years ago.
  •  Misogi - The incredible Japanese concept of using repetition as a form of physical and spiritual cleansing.
  •  Breath-work and power breathing focus techniques.

 And much much more.

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Your Coach  - Simon Lee  

Simon Lee is the author of ‘The Courage Project’ and is a long standing coach for men and boys. He is an established and highly regarded therapist and coach. 

He has studied Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, taught a multitude of different martial arts, created nutritional programs for a private health care clinic and is a physical conditioning expert.

He has spent his life testing and coaching how what we think, eat and move affects the mind. He focuses on the power of self-leadership, creating both vision and resilience for men’s lives and ambitions. Simon was recently interviewed on GB News by Neil Oliver about his life and coaching.

How Much Does it Cost?

The three month program currently costs £897.

Please note this price will increase after the first event and slots are only available on a 'first come first served' basis but offered first, to those who have registered interest. 

See below for details of how to apply today.

Most people will have a completely different outlook on life after completing On The Warriors Path

Most men experience massive changes, both in the way they think and also in how they take action—in every area of their personal and work life. 

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What Other People Are Saying About Simon's Coaching


"I am now able to speak in from of teams at work – because finding out who I am has enabled me to speak with confidence and believe in what I am saying. It’s made me physically better off, mentally better off and the confidence aspect has been amazing."

~ Neil Scott

“On The Warriors Path made me quit a cocaine addition of 10 years.”


“I uncovered a strength I never knew I had and this allowed me to stand up to certain family members for the first time.” 

- Barry

“Simons training shows a direct format to achieve a powerful mental strength . It is innovative and bold in its approach by continually challenging set beliefs.” 

- Paul Dean

“Simon is dynamic in his approach and is honest, fearless and unique. After just three weeks I have a sense of freedom and relief at last which never seemed possible."

- Shaun

“Simon is an outstanding coach. I can't say enough about what he has done for me in the short time I have known him. He is nothing short of brilliant.”

- Gordon Maudsley

“Since working with Simon I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and who I want to be. His methods have delivered a greater clarity of direction for me and have made me take responsibility for where I am now, not only as a business owner but as a human being, husband and parent.”

– Steve Harlin

“Training with Simon has taught me a strong self discipline and enabled me to handle the stress of being the head chef of 22 Restaurants. The philosophy within the teachings helped me discover the truth of who I am.”

– David Jordan

“Personally it made me realise where my true calling in life is and what I should really do, which is to be true to myself. It just opened it all up for me and made me realise it.”

- Steve Reynolds