Courage & The High

Performance Life

This free audio is a powerful introduction to inspire and help men become better, more focused on what they really want and to influence the world around them. It encourages men to redefine their aims, beliefs and the impact they have on their environment and create a high performance life. 

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Part 1

  • The conflict within all men
  • The lies men have been taught.
  •  The transformational impact of making courage a primary aim of life. 
  • Why people pleasing is so dangerous. 
  •  Why no man can avoid leadership.
  •  Why courage is a way of life. 
  •  The potential men really have. 

Part 2

  • Why you need to identify the negative habits first. 
  • The power of food, thought & movement. 
  • Recognising you are all you need. 
  • How true learning is preceded by unlearning. 
  • Reconnecting with the hero we set out to be. 
  • The ultimate responsibility of a man. 
  •  The real high performance man.  

Part 3

  • The counter poise to fear. 
  •  Discovering a guiding vision. 
  •  Identifying who will support you and who won’t. 
  • The biggest fear. 
  •  The danger of the false safety zone. 
  • The important space of now and the intended vision. 
  •  The kingmakers.

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